Big Boy, Huge Heart

Lou is a 21 month old red male. He ran five races at Tri-State Greyhound Park. He broke his right rear hock in his last race and is still in the process of healing. Even though his injury has ended his career as a racer, this will not stop him from zooming around in his forever backyard. He has tested older kid, cat and other breed friendly. Lou is a big boy with a race weight of 81lbs. But the size of Lou is nothing compared to how big his heart is. He is a little apprehensive in new places and with new people, but he is not shy or spooky. If you give him time to adjust, you will get to see his amazing personality. He will be some lucky adopters Velcro boy, he will be stuck to you. He gets along with the other greyhounds, but due to his injury he has not been in a playgroup with anyone. He has been restricted to leash walk only and he will have to continue that in his forever home. We have recently started to let him out in a small area to go to the bathroom. He occasionally using his broken leg but if he is tired, he will start to hold it up. Due to his need for adjustment time and a quieter environment, we will only place him with older kids (10+). We also think he would do best in a home with another dog, not necessarily a greyhound, to follow around. He enjoys his leash walk time and he walks nicely. He likes getting his treats, but he has not started to take them from our hands. Lou would make a wonderful addition to an existing pack