Family Man

Mike is a two year old fawn male. He ran 43 races at Derby Lane and Daytona Beach Kennel Club. Now he is hoping to hit the retired racer trifecta, a home with lots of dog beds, lots of toys and lots of love. He has tested kid, cat and other breed friendly. Mike is a gentle soul and has a lot of love to give. He wants your attention and affection, but he will not get pushy about it. He will follow you around, saunter up to you and look at you until you give in and pet him. He is a huge leaner. It feels like if you were to move, he would simply fall to the ground. He is a zommie lover and will do them either on his own or with the other greyhounds. He will give them a big play bow and then take off. If you play bow to him, he will take off and then run back to you. He gets along greyt with the other greyhounds in his playgroup. If another greyhound is to active or pushy, he walks away or avoid those dogs altogether. He has not started to play with toys yet, but he shows some interest in the ones that squeak. He would much rather follow you around and get his ears rubbed. His friendly personality will definitely make him the star of his neighborhood. He likes to go out for walks and he walks nicely on a leash. When he sees a leash in your hands he does get excited, but he stands still for you to put on his harness. He really likes getting treats, but he has not started to take them from our hands yet. Mike would make a greyt first greyhound or a wonderful addition to an existing pack.