Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Mouthy is a two year old black brindle female. She ran 25 races at Tri-State Kennel Club. She along with her littermate sister Kankle, Ragga Muffin, have decided to take an early retirement and invest their time running in a forever yard. She has tested older kid and other large breed friendly, however she is not cat or small animal safe. Mouthy is outgoing and social. She loves to try to give you hugs and will greet you by trying to get both her paws on your shoulders. If you tell her no, she will automatically go down into a sitting position. If you try to pet her while she is sitting, she will go all the way down to the ground and give you her belly for rubs. She is just a big baby. She loves to be out with the other greyhounds and loves to play. She will initiate the daily zoomies or join in if someone beats her to it. She will also do them on her own. She enjoys spending time with her sister, but these two can easily go home to two separate households. We believe that she would do best as a second dog in the household. She could use an older dog to follow. She is a big fan of the baby pool and will take a toy in with her. She enjoys going out for walks and once she gets over the euphoria of seeing a leash, she will let you harness her us. She could use some practice walking on a leash to stop crossing in front of her walker. She likes getting her treats, but she has not started to take them from our hands. She noses at them until you put it down for her. Mouthy would make a wonderful addition to an existing pack.