Has a Sweet Heart

Game is a five year old black male. He ran 155 races at Southland, Wheeling, Derby Lane and Daytona Beach Greyhound Parks. After all his traveling, he is looking forward to find a forever family interested in a long-term commitment. He has tested older kid, cat and other breed friendly. Game has a very sweet side and a very unassuming nature. He is a little apprehensive when he first meets new people or in new places. Once he settles in and understands what is expected, he will show you that he actually has a playful and goofy side. He loves to run and will do his zoomies all by himself. He enjoys being out with the other greyhounds in his playgroup and will join in on the fun. He likes to play with toys, especially the ones that still squeak. If another greyhound wants the toy that he has, he will let them have it and walk away. This boy is a lover, not a fighter. He enjoys getting attention and affection from our volunteers, but he has to get to know them first. Due to his need for adjustment time, we will only place him in a home with older kids (5+). We think he would do best in a home with another dog, not necessarily a greyhound, for him to learn from and follow. He likes to go for walks as long as he is familiar with the hand holding the leash. He loves his treats, but he has not started to take them from our hands. Game would make a wonderful addition to an existing pack.