The Doctor is In

Porky is a four year old white and brindle male. He ran 141 races at Tri-State Greyhound Park. This happy boy would love a forever home with some older kids that want a playful pup. He has tested older kid and other large breed friendly, however he is not cat or small animal safe. Porky has never had a bad day in his life and his energy is contagious. He just loves everyone that he meets and wants them to be his BFF. He is very interactive and you cannot stop that tail from wagging. He gets along greyt with the other greyhounds in his playgroup and he shares nicely. He will not only join in with the zoomies, but he will start them or do them on his own. He enjoys playing with all the toys but when he gets one that squeaks, he will squeak with a proud smile on his face. If another greyhound wants the toy that he has, he will either give it up and walk away or he will take it and run. He is very interested in getting your attention and affection, and he will push through the pack to get to you. Due to his active nature, we will only place him in a home with older kids (10+). We believe that he would love a big backyard and a family with an unlimited toy budget. He gets very excited when he sees a leash. It takes him a little while to settle into a nice walk. Once he has settled, he walks nicely and he will occasionally lean on you. He loves getting his treats and he takes them very gently from your hand. Porky would make a greyt first greyhound or a wonderful addition to an existing pack.