Needs a Quiet Home

Warner is a 19 month old brindle male. He is registered with the National Greyhound Association and trained to race, however he never officially ran at a track. He was much more interested in the other greyhounds in the race, than following or chasing the lure. Now he would like a quiet family that will give him the time he needs to adjust to retirement. He has tested older kid, cat and other breed friendly. Warner is a very quiet and unassuming boy. He is hesitant in new environments and with new people. It takes him a while to adjust and even longer for him to come to you. But once he has adjusted and understands what you expect of him, he can be very attached. Due to his need for a quiet environment and a family that will give him the time he needs to adjust, we will only place him with older kids (12+). He gets along greyt with the other greyhounds and he mingles with all of them. He loves to join in on the daily zoomies, but he does not initiate them with the other greyhounds. He does do daily zoomies on his own. He has not started to play with toys yet, but he is intrigued by a squeaky noise. His ears go up and he looks for it, but he doesn't know how to make the noise happen. He really doesn't care for a walk. He will go and he walks better with another greyhound, but he still needs practice to gain more confidence. We believe that he would do best in a home with another dog, not necessarily a greyhound, to help him transition and to have a furfriend. He likes getting his treats and he takes them very gently from your hand. Warner would make a wonderful addition to an existing pack and a family that would give him time.