Hubba H

Axton is a two year old red male. He ran 56 races at Southland and Tri-State Kennel Club. Now this big ole softy would love to put his lazy but on a retirement couch. He has tested kid, cat and other breed friendly. Axton is a talker/whiner. If he wants your attention for something he will let you know. Most of the time he just wants your attention and affection. He loves being out with the other greyhounds in his playgroup and he shares nicely. He has no problem letting a more in charge greyhound be in charge. If he doesn't like how another greyhound is treating him, he simply walks away. He loves to join in on the daily zoomies, but he hasn't initiated them or done them on his own. When he is in the play yard on his own he would much rather take his time testing the toys for the ones that still squeak. When he finds one, he will take to a spot and lie down with it and squeaks it over and over and over with a big smile on his face. He has no problem letting you approach him when he has a toy and he will let you take it from him. We believe that he would do best in a home with another dog, not necessarily a greyhound, for companionship and play. He loves it when your rub his ears and he will let out a big sigh of enjoyment. He likes going out for walks and he walks nicely on a leash. If you stop on your walk, he will look at you and then lean on you. He does already know that when he gets back from the walk, he gets a treat. He will take the treat gently from your hand. Axton would make a wonderful addition to an existing pack.