Just a Baby

Pandora is a 19 month old white and red greyhound. She is registered with the National Greyhound Association and trained to race, however she never officially competed at a track. She has decided to take an early retirement and spend her days creating her own track in her Furever backyard. She has tested older kid, cat and other breed friendly. Pandora is a big girl with an even bigger heart. She is calm for her age and wants to spend her time with anyone who will give her some affection. She enjoys being in her playgroup with the other greyhounds. She will join in on the daily zoomies, but she will also start them zoomie run and do them on her own. She doesn't need another greyhound in the Fun Run to help keep her occupied. She enjoys playing with the toys, even the ones that do not squeak. If you throw her a toy she will run over to it, pick it up and run passed you repeatedly. She likes to tease you, pretending that she will give it to you. Once she is done playing, she is all about the volunteer and getting some affection. She will even sit next to you as you pet her. Due to her age and playful nature, we will only place her with older kids (10+). She loves to go out for walks, but she could use some practice walking nicely on a leash. She will walk back and forth in front of the walker, and can pull when she gets excited. She enjoys getting her treats and will take them nicely from your hand. Pandora would make a greyt first greyhound or a wonderful addition to an existing pack.