Big Girl, Huge Heart

Bell is a four year old brindle female. She ran 21 races at Tri-State Kennel Club. Once her short career was over, she went back to her farm to be a brood momma. She had one litter and they have not been registered yet. Now this 72lbs race weight girl is looking for a big comfy couch and a family that want a whole lot of love. She has tested kid, cat and other breed friendly. Bell is on the bigger side for a female, but it is her huge heart that will draw you to her. She enjoys spending time with the other greyhounds in her playgroup. She gets along with the most alpha greyhound just as well as she does with the most timid. She is a brood, so she is not easily intimidated and she has a nurturing side. She has shown an interest in toys and she doesn't care if they squeak, or not. If you throw a toy for her, she will run to it and run around with it in her mouth. She will run right past you as if to be teasing you. However, she will let you take the toy from her without any hesitation. She enjoys doing her daily zoomies and will do them with the pack or on her own. She likes to be with the human in the playgroup. She will be some lucky adopters Velcro girl, stuck to you. She likes her walks and she walks nicely on a leash. If you stop for a moment, she will give you a quick look and a hard lean. She does love her treats, but she has not started to take them from our hands yet. Bell would make a greyt first greyhound or a wonderful addition to an existing pack.