Super Sassy

Dille is a three year old brindle female. She ran 83 races at Tri-State Greyhound Park. Now this sassy little girl wants a family that she can wrap around her little paw. She has tested kid and other large breed friendly, however she is not cat or small animal safe. Dille is a very sweet and sassy kinda gal. She enjoys getting your attention and affection. Once she gives you those "come hither" eyes, you are a goner. She will let you pet her furever. She has no problem standing next to you for as long as you are petting her and she will even give you a tiny little lean. She enjoys being with the other greyhounds in her playgroup. She doesn't initiate the daily zoomie run, but she has no problem jumping right in there. She has shown some interest in toys, but she has not started to play yet. If you get one to squeak she will look your way and start to walk over, but that is it. We believe that she will find her inner stuffy lover given more time. Due to her greyt personality and love for people, we believe that she would make a wonderful "ambassa-dog" for greyhound adoption. She likes to go out for walks and she walks nicely on a leash. She is a lady. She loves getting treats, but she has not started to take them from our hands. Dille would make a greyt first greyhound or a wonderful addition to an existing pack.