Gentle Soul

Dandy is a four year old black male. He ran 82 races at Tri-State Kennel Club. Now this gentle soul is looking for a quiet forever home where his family will love him and give him all the affection he can take. During his career he suffered from a broken toe. His owner chose to amputate his toe and let him head off to retirement. Dandy is a quiet boy who needs some time to adjust to new places and new people. Once he gets to know you, he is attached to your side like Velcro. He likes to get your special undivided attention. If there are other greyhounds around, he will not push through them to get to you. He loves being out with the other greyhounds and enjoys their company. He will join in on the daily zoomies with the other members of his playgroup, however he will not initiate or do them on his own. He shows some interest in toys. If you squeak a toy, he will look up at it but will not try to play yet. We are sure that given time, he will become a toy expert. In his playgroup he stays away from the more bossy or alpha greyhounds. He prefers the calm members of the pack. We believe that he would do best in a home with another dog, not necessarily a greyhound, for companionship. He enjoys going out for walks and waits patiently for you to put on his harness. He walks nicely on a leash and even has a little swagger to his step. He loves treats and just started to gently take them from our hands. Dandy would make a greyt addition to any pack.