Come Play with Me

Jonathon is a four year old black male. He ran 99 races at Tri-State Kennel Club. Now he and his littermate brother Drew, JA's Drew, are looking for their furever home at the same time. We believe that if you are looking for two, look at Jonathon and Drew! He has tested kid, cat and other breed friendly. Jonathon is just a big lovebug. He enjoys being around people and definitely lets you know with a big lean. He enjoys being with the other greyhounds and he shares nicely. If another greyhound wants a toy he has, then he simply lets them have it and moves onto the next toy. He plays with all the toys but when he finds a one that squeaks, he will prance around the play yard with it in his mouth squeaking away. He also has no problem letting you take the toy from him and waits patiently for you to throw it. He has not started to bring it back yet. He enjoys doing his daily zoomies both with and without the rest of his playgroup. He does have a nice interest in what his brother is doing and where he is in the playgroup. We would like to place them together, however we are not going to hold anyone back from a couch. He loves to go out for walks and he will stand still for you to put on his harness. He walks nicely on a leash and even has a little swagger to his step. He is a confident dog, but not in a pushy or alpha way. He likes getting his teats and he takes them nicely from our hands. Jonathon would make a greyt first greyhound or a wonderful addition to an existing pack.