Special Package

Flagler is a three year old red brindle female. She ran 127 races at Mardi Gras and Daytona Beach Kennel Club. Now she is looking for a forever family who will love her and spoil her throughout her retirement. She has tested older kid and other large breed friendly, however she is not cat or small animal safe. Flagler is tiny, but big things come in small packages. She has personality plus and knows exactly how to wrap you around her little paw. When you open her crate, she immediately rolls over so you can pet her belly. When you stop rubbing, she will take her paw and try to pull your hand back to her. She is very affectionate and has no problem giving you kisses or a little nibble. She gets along with all the other greyhounds in her playgroup and she shares nicely. She can get a little jealous of the other greyhounds getting attention. She won't push them out of the way, but she will stand there until you give her some attention. She is active and enjoys doing her zoomies or playing with toys either with the other greyhounds or on her own. Due to her playful nature, we will only place her in a home with older kids (10+). She enjoys going out for walks and walks nicely on a leash. However if she sees a cat or critter during your walk, she will stop and stare intensely. It takes her a little while to get the critter out of her head, but she does not pull toward it. She enjoys getting treats and will watch your every step until she gets it. She takes the treat nicely from our hands, just as any lady would. Flagler would make a greyt first greyhound or a wonderful addition to an existing pack.