Carlos is a three year old black male. He ran 43 races at Southland and Tri-State Greyhound Parks. Now this very handsome boy would love to find a forever family who will love him and buy him toys. He has tested older kid and other large breed friendly, however he is not cat or small animal safe. Carlos is your typical happy and goofy male greyhound. He has never had a bad day in his life and his positive attitude is contagious. He loves to be out with the other greyhounds in his playgroup and shares nicely with all of them. If he has a toy that another greyhound wants, he will move onto the next available toy. He doesn't mind getting the toy that no longer squeaks, but he absolutely loves the ones that do. He will run around the play yard squeaking the toy with the biggest and proudest smile on his face. He loves to join in on the daily zoomies with the pack. He doesn't initiate them and the only time he does them on his own is when he has a toy in his mouth. He is not just a play-hound. He does love to get your attention for some deep ear rubs or hiney scratches. Then he is all yours and will give you a nice lean to show his appreciation. He enjoys going for a walk and once he settles in, he walks nicely on a leash. He knows when cookies are supposed to be coming his way and he will watch you with a sad face till he gets them. He takes them nicely from your hand. Carlos would make a greyt first greyhound or a wonderful addition to an existing pack.