Looking for a Special Family

Sven is a three year old red male. He ran 54 races at Orange Park and Daytona Beach Greyhound Parks. Now this big beautiful boy needs someone special to step up and love him. He has tested other large breed friendly, however he is not kid, cat or small animal safe. Sven is a wonderfully social boy who loves being around people. He will let you love on him and hug him. He enjoys getting his ears rubbed and has been known to give a kiss or two. He does not like kids. We have tested him with kids up to eight years of age and he wants to jump on them. He has been known to back a child up against a wall. We believe that he will make a wonderful pet, he just needs someone who will ensure that he does not have to be around kids. We know that this is a tough situation, but we believe that he deserves a furever home. He gets along greyt with the other greyhounds in his playgroup and he shares nicely. He loves to play with toys and he doesn't care if they squeak or not. If another greyhound wants a toy that he has, he will either run away with it or let them take it. He loves the big zoomie run and really loves when he is leading the charge. He enjoys going out for walks and he walks nicely on a leash. When he goes for a walk he has an air of confidence to his stride and a swagger. He enjoys getting his treats and he takes them nicely from your hand. Sven would make a greyt first greyhound to an experienced dog owner and a wonderful addition to an existing pack.