Brains & Beauty

Sela is a four year old white and black female. She ran 141 races at Wheeling and Tri-State Kennel Club. Now she is looking for a home with a fun family that will indulge her toy habit. She has tested older kid and other large breed friendly, however she is not cat or small animal safe. Sela is a very happy go lucky kinda girl. Nothing really gets her upset and we have never witnessed her tuck her tail. She loves to play and get your attention. She gets along greyt with the other greyhounds in her playgroup and she shares with them all nicely. She loves to do the daily zoomies and she will complete them with or without the other dogs. She has been known to start the zoomie run in her playgroup. She will also play bow at them to get them to interact with her. She enjoys the toys, even the ones that do not squeak, and can entertain herself for quite some time. Due to her active nature and love for toys, we will only place her in a home with older kids (10+). She enjoys going out for walks and once she gets over the fact that you chose to take her, she settles in nicely. She does like to watch the little critters on her walks, but does not pull toward them. She likes getting her treats and takes them nicely from your hand. Sela would make a greyt first greyhound or a wonderful addition to an existing pack.