Sweet and Playful

Karona is a three year old red female. She ran 65 races at Wheeling Downs and Tri-State Greyhound Parks. Now she would be happy with a family that would give her plenty of attention and plenty of toys. She has tested older kid and other large breed friendly, but she is not cat or small animal safe. When Karona first arrived at GAA, she was so happy that she got "happy tail". She had split the tip of her tail from wagging it and banging it into stuff. It was very hard to get her to stop so that her tail could heal. She was just too darn happy. But with a lot of work and help from our volunteers, her tail is fully healed and she is ready to go to a forever home. She loves to play with toys and it does not matter if they squeak or not. She loves to toss them in the air, catch them and then run around with them in her mouth. She gets along greyt with the other greyhounds in her playgroup and she shares nicely. If another greyhound wants her toy, she will simply let them have it and move onto a different toy. She also loves the daily zoomies and has been known to start the run or do them all on her own. Due to her playful nature, we will only place her in a home with older kids (10+). She loves to go out for walks and once she settles into it, she walks nicely on a leash. She even has a little swagger to her step. She enjoys getting treats and she takes them nicely from your hand. Karona would make a greyt first greyhound or a wonderful addition to an existing pack.